Cancer Treatments and Politics

Wars on cancer over the years have been won and lost. The war didn’t win, not from the President. His intention could have been honest and good, but his mind shifted to not move there. He had other things in his head, along with the war went from the’too hard’ basket.

Cancer treatments are found quite a while ago, before and as far in the seventies. Any physician has been squashed from the drug companies. It went to the extreme of these physicians qualifications getting an outcast in his group of medication, and being jeopardized. This physicians being called all type of titles such as a’quack’, and has changed for this day.

Alternative cancer therapy was so powerful that it shuts down. The medication doesn’t take cancer patients.

Business is business, and the drug companies protect their attention.

Not unlike petroleum companies with almost any innovation developed for a motor which could use no gas or little an innovation buried as possible and being bought by the petroleum firms.

The positive aspect of this can be, an increasing number of physicians are currently switching to alternative medication for a approach that is safer and natural to fight with cancer and other severe illness with success.

There’s tons of proof that remedies with hemp and marijuana oil etc.. do heal cancer and other sickness, and decrease pain. This is prohibited in certain countries due to government legislation, the firms due to greed would not except this for cash.

The politics of cancer gets evident.

Why kill? Even a dollar drug market isn’t likely to let this occur. They could afford to invest billions of dollars distorting and manipulating our understanding. Drug and pharmaceutical companies withheld cancer treatments.

Drug representatives give guidance and physicians knowledge about medication use, and do not think that raps could set your health, your safety or your own health! They do not give a hoot.

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