Navigating through Office Politics and Win the Team

Whenever you heard of the words “office politics”, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Does it conjure words like “sucking up”, “backstabbing” or spreading malicious rumors among your officemates? If yes, then do your best to be as distant as to those people as possible. Whether you like it or not though, office politics are inevitable in any organization. These don’t always bring a negative connotation because you can actually use it to your advantage by promoting yourself as well as your cause without having to compromise your values or of your company.

Embodying “good” politics is much like using the right hunger suppressant. You have to time it and you have to do it with great care. Not to mention, you ought to be mindful of the “bad” politics that are surrounding you to steer clear of the unnecessary suffering while others are taking advantage.

Tactical Tips to Survive Office Politics

Here’s something that you have to bear in mind, accepting what is would be the foundation of making positive politics work for your situation. While it could likely change in the long run for people will come and go but odds are, it will not entirely disappear.

So how you are going to proceed about it, you better read on.

Assess the Organization Chart

More often than not, office politics are circumventing formal organizational structure. So better sit back and do keen observation for a bit and then, map out the political influence and power in your organization rather than seeing people by their job title or rank.

Be Mindful of Informal Network

The moment that you have uncovered where the influence and power lies, the next thing you should be doing is to examine relationships and interactions of people to get an idea of the social or informal networks.

Lastly, try deciphering how influence goes between parties and observe if there are interpersonal conflicts or any examples of bullying.

Establish Connections

After knowing how relationships work, that is when you can start building your very own social network. If you have to be Ms/Mr congeniality, then do so. However, make sure to avoid yourself being aligned with one group or the other. Additionally, avoid inappropriate influence and lastly, never ever break confidentiality.

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