Political Party’s Electoral Manifesto Taken Down Due To Stock Photo Mess Up

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Plaid Cymru officials were left red-faced after publishing the party’s election manifesto with distracting watermarks, which could also be removed with, over the pictures.

The Welsh Nationalists, who hope to learn from the increase in anti-Westminster feeling within the same way as their Scottish counterparts, were forced to require down their manifesto after just minutes of putting it online.

Several pictures had a white cross over the highest of the image, and therefore the words “iStock by Getty Images” were also on the images.

A party spokesperson said: “The online version of the manifesto doesn’t have any watermarks thereon.”

“Due to human error, a previous version containing watermarks was put online momentarily. The error was corrected very quickly.”

“About the manifesto that we are launching today, we are really excited.”


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“For parity of funding and responsibilities for Wales, we will fight for an end to damaging austerity cuts and with a robust group of Plaid Cymru MPs in Westminster, all polls in May point towards a hung Parliament.”

Telling the Tories her party would never prop them up in Government, Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood launched her the manifesto today in Bangor.

Despite this election looking like delivering a hung parliament, Plaid Cymru could hold the balance of power, her party won three seats in Parliament in 2010.

“Wales has never given a mandate for the Tories to rule over us and it’s highly unlikely that they’ll next time,” ms Wood said, speaking on BBC Radio 4’s Today program this morning.

Plaid Cymru, she said, had “no appetite” to determine Tory policies implemented by Labour, adding: “So while we can’t prop a Tory government, we cannot back a Labour government to implement austerity and Trident replacement either.

“With a Labour government prepared to renew Trident, we wouldn’t be a part of a proper coalition.”

“Which might cost £100 billion and which no government would ever realistically use, there isn’t any way that Plaid Cymru MPs will ever vote to support the replacement of a system.”

She said Plaid Cymru includes a “very close” relationship with the SNP, is in regular contact, and contains a lot of footing.