Use of Penile Extenders, Is It FDA Approved

The Food and Drug Administration or FDA is a healthcare organization which is primarily in-charge for the approval of any health-related products such as food, medicines, and even cosmetics. However, even if it is not a requirement, most medical devices secure for an FDA approval.

Let’s take a look at those traction devices. It is not a crucial thing for the manufacturer of those products to apply for an FDA approval. More so, FDA approval is not a major thing to consider by every man buying a traction device. Furthermore, there are lots of high-quality penile extenders that do not have any approval but have a good result of clinical studies.

What FDA Approval Offers to Traction Devices?

Mainly, FDA approval for traction devices like penile extenders caters assurance that the device is safe for public use and that the company is solely responsible for it. This assurance gives much comfort and relief for those men who want to use the device.

Moreover, FDA approval reflects a quality seal for every health-related and/or personal care product. But, it is still vital to take some consideration for those products that do not have such approval. However, just keep in mind that it is very important to take thorough research of those products prior to buying.

Researching to understand and learn the efficacy of a penis extender is very important whether it is approved by the FDA or not. Even if a product is carrying a quality approval seal, make an initiative to check out the reviews of those traction devices. Though some may ask if you should trust your health over online information, there are customer reviews widely available online for this device. You may try to check This would give a great help to have a clear idea on the way this device works.

FDA over Penis Enlargement

Basically, most men use penile extenders as self-care or personal care devices. Most of them including companies behind this product treat this as same as weight loss devices.

Penile extenders may be used by men with penile dysmorphopobia or those with have average range penis size and by men who believed that they have a small-sized penis.

On the other hand, FDA approves penile extenders primarily for used in medical conditions like Peyrione’s disease. It is a condition where scar tissue or plaque builds-up around the penis causing lumps and alters the angle of the penis.

Various treatments are available for this condition but patients found great relieve through the use of penile extenders. Usage of penile extenders in this kind of condition is generally categorized as medical devices wherein seeking out for FDA approval is important for most companies.