Understanding Some Political Terms

Political views are individual opinions on how our government and politics should run.  It consists of a set of beliefs, opinions or ideas of certain groups that demonstrates how a society should run and offers a political layout for a certain social order.

There are three main types of government:

  1. Democracy – Is a process in which several parties have its own leaders and own members and they compete for the vote of the public. The public then goes through the process of election. The leader who gets the most votes wins the election and leads for a specific time.
  2. Authoritarianism – A system in which only one party controls the government. This party is the controlling system of a system.
  3. Dictatorship – This is a form of government in which there is only one person who controls the government. This person solely has all the decision making power.









Specific Political views that people in society have. Most people are either one of the following:

  • Liberal – The Democrats are categorized under this group. Liberal politicians believe in the individual. They want all individuals in the society to succeed. Their goal is to help these individuals in the society.
  • Conservative – In America the Republicans are categorized under this group. These group thinks more about the individual helping himself. They got their name from the word conserve. These group aims to keeping and continuing tradition and values. They mostly don’t want change.

We also here of the following terms. These are the spectrum of political views. These are the range of political views. Some people may be on the Left-wing, they are more with the liberal side.  Others on the right-wing, and they would be more of the conservative side.  We also have the centrist. Centrists generally lean a little bit to the left and a little bit to the right. They usually want a mix of both.

There are also different types of people in terms of how they want to make changes and interpret laws.

These people are categorized into the following:

  1. Moderates – These people want moderate changes. They want a reasonable amount of government interference.
  2. Radicals – Are a group of people who wants a major or big change or shift.
  3. Extremists – Are also a group of people who are similar to the radical group. These group of people usually do not compromise.

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