Bike Shops to be One of the Saving Factors to Survive the Pandemic

Social distancing has been implemented by the government in an effort to contain the spread of Covid-19. Few months after it was ordered, several countries as well as people are beginning to report to work. But still, this doesn’t eliminate people’s fears in travelling that they may catch the virus.

Once known options similar to ridesharing and public transport are now carrying risks of possibly exposing its riders to the virus. While privately owned vehicles do enable sufficient distancing, not all cities are capable of supporting the shift of public commuters to cars. At the same time, there’s a huge cost-barrier that comes with car ownership such as gas, insurance, parking, registration and a lot more.

Abrupt Surge

Because of this, people living in North America have considered cycling as an alternative. As a matter of fact, many bike shops in Canada and United States as well has seen record high sales with some even have shortage in supply.

The surge in cyclists is actually promoted by the government, which is also advantageous for a number of reasons. From health perspective, cycling is a kind of physical activity that is capable of improving both the mental and physical health of a person. Apart from that, it helps in preventing tons of chronic diseases like Type-2 Diabetes, heart diseases and more. Not to mention, the constant efforts of the government in hiring Bristol removals to ensure that the cities are free from trash that may also be a carrier of the virus or spread its exposure.

Could Cyclists Save a Country’s Economy?

With the number of cyclists growing, it is safe to say that it will bring high ROI for the government to install cycling networks. All in all, the advantages of pouring money in cycling infrastructure as well as the growing number of cyclists on the road outweighs the costs associated to building of necessary infrastructure.

Simply speaking, there’s enormous opportunity for the growth of the cycling community. This is undoubtedly an exciting endeavor to be taken by the government and many lawmakers are carefully looking at it and doing thorough reviews for possible provisions.