Facts About President Donald Trump (Before Becoming The US President)

Reviews could be positive and negative. Just like the best products for gaming or any other product there is, there are reviews that check on their performances. The same goes true with our political leaders. Let’s take a look at a few facts about Donald Trump. Can he handle the pressures of being the president of the United States based on his past and present achievements?

Reviews are not meant to hurt anyone. It is meant to better the performance of the subject. We all want beautiful change for our country and it all starts at having a good leader. Good leadership makes good followers, and good followers makes a good citizens. And it follows and so on and so on.

Real Estate mogul Donald Trump has been dominating the business landscape since the early 1970’s. Since leaving his fingerprint on the real estate industry, Trump has gone on to be a television personality, author and now being the President of the United States. So here are facts about Donald Trump:

President Donald Trump Facts

(Before Becoming the President of the United States)

1. Donald Trump in Real Estate. The now famous Trump brand spans a wide variety of industries including real estate, hospitality, entertainment, mortgages, restaurants, catering, ice cream, online travel, mens wear, fragrance, golf, home furnishings, transportation, model management, vodka and more. All developed by Trump himself.

2. Donald Trump in the movies. While not being an actor or movie star Donald Trump is one of the few to ever win a Razzie award for a cameo appearance in a movie with his role in Ghosts Can’t Do It, taking home the infamous award in 1990. For those of you who don’t know what the Razzies are it’s like the Oscars but for the worst movies of the year.

3. As of 2015, Donald Trump is the only Presidential candidate with his own board game. Titled “Trump the game” and it was released in the year 1988. The monopoly esque game requires players to invest in real estate properties while simultaneously attempting to bankrupt competitors. It was ultimately discontinued after dismal sales and harsh reviews.

4. In 2013, comedian Bill Maher jokingly accused Trump of being “The Son of the Monkey” to mock him for his obsession with Obama’s birth certificate and then offered 5 million dollars to prove his father was not a baboon. Trump called his bluff and released his birth certificate publicly. When Maher didn’t pay up, Trump sued only to drop the charges months later.

5. Dissatisfied with President Obama’s initial candidacy, Trump was an active member of the birther movement that questioned the birthplace of President Obama. He even went so far as to send investigators to Obama’s native Hawaii to back his accusations. Even after Obama released his birth certificate to the public in 2014. Trump continued to dismiss its legitimacy.

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