The Politics of Lottery

Hand, Puppet, Snowman, Political, Alex, Handling  People all around the world are very fond of joining the lottery game and those who win huge amounts of money on lotteries through satta result tend to change their political parties toward the right of the political spectrum and become less of a egalitarian according to some studies. This is just one of the many great things winning the lottery can do to a person. No wonder why more and more people are trying even though they have lost too much from waiting to draw their numbers.

There are a lot of studies regarding the impact of the lottery to a voter. Professor Oswald said that “Data suggests that, very broadly, richer people tend to be more right-wing and poorer people tend to support the Labour party,” he said. “Most of us hardly change our views – although ageing is associated with becoming more conservative, there is that tendency.” Rich people often see what really is happening and bribes do not work with them, unlike to poor people where they see hope and faith from candidates who are giving them money during the campaign. Hence, there is a study that shows that a country is very poor if the corrupt politicians are the ones in the position.

“But a lottery win is a stand-out factor in what makes people change their views. It has two effects: it makes people more likely to change their allegiance from Labour to Conservative and their support tends to change within their party allegiance.” basically because they became rich and they do not want to support those who are just vote buying.

Professor Powdthavee said the larger the win, the more people were tempted to vote for a conservative party. “Humans are creatures of flexible ethics,” he said, which is entirely true. “So while we’re not sure exactly what goes on inside people’s brains it seems having money causes people to favour conservative, right-wing ideas. Our study provides empirical evidence that voting choices are made out of self-interest.” This also explains why candidates are risking most of their money during the campaign because they want to show the people that they are deserving of the title. Hence, the grand commercial showing how they help the poor, road and building construction, and lots of misleading advertisement.