How To Distinguish If The Stone In Your Jewelry Is Real

Jewelry is considered a form of art that has been around for generations. It has always been a family heirloom passed down from one generation to another. In the past, gemstones were used to add beauty and prestige to these pieces.
Nowadays, with the advent of technology, you might be wondering how do you ascertain if your jewelry is genuine or not?
Many people have taken up jewelry as a hobby, but they are not well versed in everything involved. They might also not know how you can identify if the stone in your piece of jewelry is real or not. Look closely at the stone’s color under different lighting conditions, taking it to an expert will also help or you can read more on ways to tell if your moonstone is real.

Getting jewelry as a gift can make anyone feel special. But, buyers beware as there are several ways in which you can buy fake jewelry. Here is a helpful guide on how to avoid fake jewels:
#1) Look for telltale signs of the jewel being fake
#2) Ask your jeweler where they get their gems from
#3) Do not forget to ask your jeweler if they offer a written guarantee on the authenticity of the gems

In this particular article, I want to teach you how to identify and identify the gemstone. Let’s get started.
The first thing, is never forget to purchase a gemstone identification book at your local bookstore or rent one from your library. You should also do some research online and find out some helpful tips from other people who have done this before. The next step is to take a close look at the stone and see if it looks too perfect or has any defects, such as cracks or cloudiness. It should not have any inclusions that are visible without magnification. It should also be hard, heavy and show its true colors when polished (green emeralds will turn black).

There are many gemstone varieties and they are not all equally as common. Knowing how to identify the gemstones that you own is a crucial skill to have. You don’t want to be fooled by a scammer and buy fake stones for your jewelry!
This is one of the most relevant topics because, in today’s digital world, gemstones are increasingly used in our art such as jewelry or mosaics.