Prejudice is Real

Race prejudice is one of the unseemly realities of the world. It’s an ugly truth that is happening in reality. In some societies they practice a class system according to skin color. Racial classification is a highly arbitrary enterprise. Men has that mentality that there is that superior race. They think that they are mandated to dominate the others. While the physical differences between peoples and individuals are real this shouldn’t be a reason to compare and become a racist.
Discrimination in all forms exists against any non-majority but its especially stunning when targeted at blacks. Why be prejudiced with people we’ve never been connected with? It is sad to realize that many people are prejudiced, even unashamedly so. Is there a truth that racism is politically motivated as well?

There is no magic pill to stop social prejudice. Prejudice is considered a social problem. It is often baseless showing an unfavorable approach to people. A prejudice person shows signs of anger, violence, hate and distrust.

Racism brings about Chaos. Such as the effect of the Apartheid in Africa. The Los Angeles riots came about because of racism. The frenzied mob, the burning buildings and the anger and frustration are all caused by racism. These riots are frightening but for different reason people understand the rage against the injustice. These riots did not prove that there are grounds to fear and hate a particular race. They merely proved that there are deep-seated problems that have been addressed inadequately. Our prejudices are barriers. They serve nothing but to keep us from where we have to go.

Perhaps it’s simple arrogance and ignorance. A lot of people may not know it is no longer correct to refer to blacks or African Americans as Negro, colored and especially not Nigger. People may not realize that its not proper to call people as “Gooks”, “monkeys” or ‘Chinks”. Racism is a vicious circle.

Prejudice is a baseless and often negative preconception or attitude toward members of a group. Prejudice can have a strong influence on how people behave and interact with others, particularly with those who are different from them, even unconsciously or without the person realizing they are under the influence of their internalized prejudices.