Should Politicians Do a Lie Detector Test?

Lack of trust or we just want to figure out if they are honest enough to be worthy of the position?

People have a lot of holes inside their head that they wanted to fill. Questions of whose who, and which is reliable and which is not— one of a good political tactic would be going into a simulator like a like detector test.

The question is, is it really necessary?

Take it from politician advice from Henry Clay to the modern politicians of today, “ Has it ever been known that the cause of truth was hurt by inquiry and investigation?

But the thing is… if you have nothing to hide, then there’s no reason for a politician to say no to a lie detector test at all.

A Trap or A Beacon?

A lot of political insiders, political advisors always say that getting a shot on lie detector might be a good tactic to win peoples’ votes and trust. It’s like somehow building rapport with them by showing them you are honest and you have literally nothing to hide.

On a side note, it can be thrust on your side too— it might cause the other way around. You will be pressured and head on with some political questions, unethical you say. And you might just split the wrong answers and them “poooooof!” you just caught lying.

But that shouldn’t worry you at all. Or is it?

How Does The Machine Works

A lie detector machine test can be truthfully accurate, but it can also be accurately wrong.

Do you imagine a lie detector who actually lies? Well, in essence, this machine only measures one thing— anxiety, or the panic in your system while you hear the question rings.

The machine is associated with physiological measures that are associated with both fear and anxiety. If you are feeling a bit anxious and you’re telling the truth, then there’s a greater possibility that you might just come out lying.

Same with, if you are telling a lie and you don’t act like you’re it, then it may come out as true too. Bottom line, lie detectors works if you practiced more at controlling your anxieties.

Politicians Should Give it a Go

Voluntary participation on the test can be a good political tactic. It makes people have or restore their faith in you, and it also helps people weed out those who are really a culprit in the government system.

A piece of advice? any politician should have this in mind “I would rather be right than be president.”