The Decades Old Safe In The Heart Of The State House

Amidst the heat of politics, in the heart of a State House lies a safe within a vault. The safe as big as a small car and ornately decorated at the outside had been in the vault for almost two decades. Employees of the State House are clueless of the whereabouts of the key that opens the safe and no one dared to know what’s inside or care to crack it open until the year 2013.

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State Treasurer in 2013, Steven Grossman said the safe could be dating back to 1890s and he too was intrigued about the contents of the safe. Two professional safe crackers were called in and authorized to unlock the safe. The two professionals used fiber optics to peer into the lock and decipher the alignment of the locks to open the door of the safe. Excitement overwhelmed the employees in the state house, particularly those who sit in the treasury office. The contents of the safe seem to have been dating back to the bowler hats period.

What’s Inside The Mysterious Safe?

Alas, the safe was open. The safe contains costume jewelry, a cross necklace made of bronze and a Masonic ring. The jewelry items will be turned over to the unclaimed property department and perhaps will be auctioned on eBay.

The safe revealed a couple of green filing cabinets. In it were piles of papers, ledgers, boxes, and envelopes piled on shelving. There is also a dusty variety of artifacts, one dates back to the 1700s. The items also enclosed 1864 Confederate money; an old ledger book from 1896-1899. It oulines the pay for the Massachusetts volunteer military service during the Spanish-American War; savings bonds from World War, old checkbooks, and metal stamps with the etched signatures of previous treasurers.

No one could really say who have put together such a collection and for what reason that the safe had been kept in the vault for a very long time. None of the employees could tell what’s its significance except that it’s a remembrance from the past. A collection of stuff that can tell a few details about the State House history. The items found in the safe had been set to be examined in the state archives.