The Influence of TikTok on Politics

The influence of TikTok on politics remains challenging to identify even though its impact, particularly in young adults, is apparent. In this situation, some professionals explain that this network is probably not the right one for purposes beyond videos with choreography and jokes. Although the #BlackLivesMatter movement has had a lot of relevance in the social network, it was this same that was involved in a controversy for being accused of censoring the content of people who did not follow a specific beauty stereotype.

How teens are using TikTok to influence the 2020 Election

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TikTok restricted political election ads on the network last year, even though politics remains included in the software. Young adults are shaping the political discourse and, for now, there is no indication that organizations or parties are behind this type of content. In this context, these videos are creating a new way of interacting with politics.

Politicians, TikTok is the key

While on Twitter the goal is to have contact with leaders, on TikTok this is not the goal. Users do not ask questions that they expect to be answered, in most cases the messages are not also forwarded to a particular political party or political personality. For them, the objective is to communicate their feelings through humor, music, and dance.

Political organizations are not asked to respond to this kind of content, at least it is far from what’s projected of them. But, over time, TikTok, just like other social networks, will be part of politic’s communication strategy. Many studies have demonstrated that people in politics who have a reputation in networks enjoy a better evaluation by the younger generation. And, without a doubt, if an individual desire to empathize with teens at this time, TikTok can be an essential instrument.

It really is too soon to know the true influence that the platform may have on public thoughts and politics, even though the current scenario keeps a promising stand as a creator of opinions. Even though Tiktok remains to be a platform for entertainment but some users are going further and blending it with messages packed with politics.

Stances as strong as #BlackLivesMatter will appear, the United States elections are inevitable and politics will certainly go on to shape our lives and TikTok will be a platform to dance it, sing it, and talk about it.