The Political Persecution in Miami Beach

Something stinks to high heaven in chosen a state prosecutor’s Miami office. The prosecution of City for accepting capital in a political action committee, of Miami Beach Commissioner Michael Grieco, leading to resignation and his coerced no-contest plea, doesn’t pass the smell test.

Really, it smells like a political hatchet job by his own enemies and their unwitting instrument, the Miami Herald, for the sake of private vengeance, all to the advantage of particular candidates who opposed him in his bid for the mayor’s job, then because of his archery chair on the commission.

The South Beach Herald has launched an investigation into the potential misuse of power. But forget, for the time being, if he’s guilty or not of a violation of law or whether Grieco is a politician. Why was he singled out for prosecution?

Selective enforcement of this law is the principle of law in Miami-Dade County. “Discretion” is the title of this sport and officials that perform it like sovereign immunity pursuant to the primitive policy which “the King can do no wrong” he could be prosecuted for.

Everybody understands the entire nation is shrouded in foreign currency, where a prodigious sum gets in the coffers of political action committees. Seldom if ever is anybody prosecuted for laundering or getting foreign currency.

South Florida was almost awash with all the sexy currency of Russian oligarchs awarded the chaos in Russia. Investors and realtors were happy to spend it and to put it. An appraiser in the county officials said the run-up in costs astounded him, but he stated he had been convinced the industry approach to value was the ideal way since the industry would finally flatten out those anomalies.

Without doubt, some of the Russian currency wound up in effort accounts, and of course the money on the run in Latin America and elsewhere. So was Grieco has gone following by the State Attorney?

I posited a conspiracy theory into the Miami-Dade County Commission on Ethics and Public Trust a week, which I have previously called “a retirement farm because of older prosecutors and judges,” and worse,”the dishonest ethics commission,” since what I think is its own selective enforcement, such as but not restricted to the deprivation of rational process as it will pick a circumstance. A rumor has a desire from Levine after he got him to crucify Grieco and the State Attorney and also Miami Beach Mayor Phil Levine.

I advised Centorino of this notorious fated For Progress political action committee intimately about the effort of the mayor, an issue that has been referred to the Ethics Commission. No wrongdoing was discovered in that thing, I associated, but there lingered a query. Who were the men behind AOMA Investments, LLC removed from the shelf to contribute $100,000 to Relentless for Progress which Mayor Levine made forecasts for donations? Was that thing getting donations from thieves?

“Certainly your employees need to have made a question, or referred the query to the State Attorney, according to the process you outlined in our final meeting. Undoubtedly you know who was behind AOMA, also can lay this particular enforcement problem to rest.”

One Beach told researchers that Grieco solicited contributions for its PAC to improve his political fortunes through meals in South Beach restaurants and villas in Miami, based on records of their interviews and records. The Herald obtained the documents via a public records request. The integrity commission that was Miami-Dade engaged in the analysis.

Grieco dined in Milos Restaurant at South Beach, a marijuana entrepreneur, with Rustin Kluge. Kluge handed him a check for Folks for Better Leaders.

Now the Dual Standards query was submitted to the Ethics Commission and State Attorney since there’s a reasonable suspicion of selective enforcement for political motives, we might see if a thorough evaluation of this procedure ends up behavior that might have an influence on the statewide campaigns, if any, of the mayor and the state attorney.

As for its North Beach Town Center project, Grieco has stated previously he is okay with the laws to boost density known to the electorate for approval given it’s fine with all the folks on this end of the shore. I don’t know whether he got some cash that is Russian. I will ask him when I see him.