The Politics of Online Dating


Guys do what guys do and women too because of genetic imprinting; in both of us. Social evolution, it’s true, has likely affected some of the manifestations. But the survival value derived from the elaborate mating tension evolved over many thousands of years erodes much more slowly. Politically correct or not, the body of generally accepted evidence suggests that women for most of our history traded sexual favors for provision and protection for themselves and their offspring.

Gender Differences

At the risk of pointing out the self-evident, what sets relationships between men and women apart from same-sex relations is gender difference and its sexual polarity. It doesn’t matter whether that polarity is ever acted upon. It’s still there and affects the dynamics of every interaction. This truth is so elementary it falls under the heading of needless to say. We all know this at some level, political correctness aside. 

You may wish their attention and interest was timed a little more conveniently or that it would take a slightly different form. It’s worth remembering you don’t control the outcome of your actions. So what actions can you take if, say, you’re meeting online? Can these awkward moments be avoided To do so, consider the following steps.

Make sure your online profile reflects the basics accurately to make good and right impression:

  • Who you are
  • What you want

There are others, of course, but these two are great points of departure. In order to articulate these things in your profile, of course, you need to have taken the time to sort them out. There’s the temptation to say, “I already know that…” Before you default to that opinion, try writing who you are and what you want.

Once you’ve determined Who you are and What you want and you’re satisfied with how they are expressed, Don’t meet someone whose basics are not fit for your own.

Work out in your own mind, what you need to know/feel/think before intimacy is in the cards; and how you will recognize it six inches beneath your twitching nose. Until you have whatever it is you need, don’t put yourself in situations where you may have to shut him down.

The Commitment

Most men are less willing to commit even to a woman they genuinely care for and are completely comfortable with until they know you have a genuine, healthy interest in sex and “he” has what it takes to help make it rewarding for both of you. To make it more rewarding, men can use products online like sizegenetics. Check some of the product reviews here, Are there exceptions? And if you’re normal, healthy and desirable, you probably want nothing to do with most of them.

Just don’t make them wrong for trying, just because you aren’t ready. You are not going to change men. Play it safe. Until you’re “ready,” take your mother’s advice and steer clear of situations laced with potential for intimacy that goes beyond your intent. It will save both of you a lot of trouble.