The White House Astrology: Joan Quigley

Joan Quigley, an American astrologer who has enjoyed some fame since the early 1980s, became famous after being the personal astrologer of the wife of American President Ronald Reagan for 7 years.

In his 1990 book, Joan Quigley claims that the US president who played a decisive role in the final period of the Cold War did not make any decisions without first knowing what the horoscope said.

The confessions in Quigley’s book are supported by Donald Regan, chief of staff at the White House, who, in his autobiographical book, talks about the exaggerated influence, in his opinion, that astrology had on the American president.

Both sources claim that the astrologer was consulted in the most varied circumstances and that he set the dates on which the president should or should not give an interview, the favorable times to give speeches, or to go on a trip, even the right day to sign some. military treaties. Quigley also said the exact date on which Reagan’s cancer operation had the best chance of success.

Joan Quigley, a White House astrologer

It all started when the first lady of the United States, Nancy Reagan, was invited to the television show The Mery Griffin Show, right together with an astrologer, a woman named Joan Quigley. She was impressed by the way she spoke about astrology, which she considered a science like any other, closely linked to astronomy and which has evolved over the centuries, for example through the discovery of new planets in recent centuries (Uranus, Neptune, Pluto) and by inclusive consideration of their influence on human destiny.

In 1981, President Reagan was on the verge of losing his life in an assassination attempt by a madman, John Warnock Hinckley, who was desperately trying to get the attention of his favorite actress, Jodie Foster. The president escaped with his life, but the first lady decided she had to take action. He remembered the astrologer he had met a year earlier and called Joan Quigley, who told him that he could have planned the assassination attempt if he had been asked in advance and asked to do so. Make a horoscope for the president for that day. Joan soon began working unofficially as an astrologer at the White House.

Joan Quigley on astrology as a science

The presidential astrologer is extremely firm in supporting the idea that astrology is a science, closely related to astronomy, and that astronomical discoveries also directly influence the development of astrology.

In addition to the fact that astrology operates with the planets discovered only a few decades ago, and some astrologers take it into account in their analyzes, including recently known planetoids and asteroids, the antiquity of Joan Quigley should also be highlighted. The American astrologer brings as proof of the antiquity of astrology including the Bible. Thus, she says that Old Testament prophets elaborated their prophecies, including using astrological knowledge, and that the three New Testament magicians, the first in the world to learn about the birth of Jesus, were astrologers.

Today, while there are still arguments about astrology being a science, various symbolisms have risen especially in these trying times. Angel number 222 and 222 meaning had been spoken about many times. Is the divine trying really speak to us the way they have spoken to Ronald and Reagan through Joan Quigley?