What qualities do politicians need?

Every politician is above all one thing, a person. But above-average standards are regularly applied to these special people and the pressure quickly becomes very high.

Because politicians should at least be:

  • Honest
  • Reliable
  • Always polite
  • Not arrogant or too career-conscious

Furthermore, a politician should:

  • Have already done something else (something decent)
  • Know what he is talking about (preferably an apprenticeship without political connection)
  • Be independent (preferably from politics, but especially from the lobbyists)
  • Not be too young (delivery room, Lecture hall, plenary hall)
  • Not to be too old (so that the future is not forgotten)

On the other hand, politicians need to stay healthy for them to do their duties and responsibilities. Thus, visiting vektguiden site will be beneficial for politicians as they can see some healthy meal ideas there.

Unfortunately, the political system does not produce this ideal politician. The offspring of all parties are largely recruited from young people who have two outstanding qualities.

An incomprehensible joy in working day in and day out in politics. Board position with responsibilities in the local association and in the district party. Active membership in an association. Voluntary member of the local parliament and for the financial background usually a position as an employee with a full-time politician.

The time and the familiar environment to cope with this workload.

Most of the young careerists study and then every now and then do a doctorate. If the career starts too steeply, it may be that the time for a doctorate or the ongoing training path is running out. The trick then is to tackle the new career, but still not lose sight of the old path. At the moment you can marvel at how this can work or maybe not.

One possible solution to this problem is to rethink the party apparatus. At the moment, two types of people are almost impossible in a party: lateral entrants and lateral thinkers. Both fail because they do not get a majority in their party’s local association, only get into a promising position at the district level with a lot of luck, but fail at the state level at the latest.