Why Politicians Preferred not to Have Beards

Why do Men Like to Grow Beards

This has been a question for many years now. Why do men grow beards? is it because they just like to? is it vanity? laziness? is it the society standard? If you take a look around, you may wonder why more men do not have beards. This is because only few men preferred to grow beard and you will find the real reason behind that in the later part of the article.

Each men who grow beard, or what they called Beardsmen vary and has their own reason that lead them to becoming one. Most Beardsmen trust www.mehrbartwuchs.de when it comes to their favorite beard growing products. Their reasons is not that complicated as you would assume With that being said, let’s take a look at some reasons why men preferred to grow beards.

  1. It will make them look more superior compared to other men – To some men, having a beard adds to their feeling of dominance and superiority among other men. This is because beard makes a man more mature, manly, and  aggressive compare to a cleaner look.
  2. A friend or a family member suggest it – A member of the family or a loved one may have suggested it and lead him to trying out of curiosity as well .
  3. Some men do not want to feel cold so they use beard to keep them warm – During rainy season and winter, some men want to stay warm by growing facial hair.
  4. Simply does not have time to shave– This is one of the most common reason of men who have long beards, Because of business or sometimes laziness, they are not able to shave that’s why their hair continuously grows.
  5. Hiding Something from Behind– this is the reason most teenagers say when asked. Because of puberty, they use beard in order to cover up their acne and blemishes.

Why Politicians Do Not Want to Grow Beards

If you will look carefully, there are group of men who do not want to look manly and dominant and these are the politicians. Very few men who are in to politics can be seen having beard. There is not enough studies to show the reason behind this, but it is believed that want a cleaner and less mature look because sometimes, voters based their judgment on the physical appearance. A politician without beard look more formal and smart.