Will The Republicans Secure Their Hold On The White House In 2020 Or Will The Democrats Prevail?

There is just a few months away from the next presidential elections in the United States of America. At this point, it is still very early to say which political party will dominate the country once again, although with the recent events that have shaken the political and economic stability of the United States, we can say that there will be repercussions to whoever will be running for the highest seat of power in the White House.

US President Donald Trump has already started his unofficial campaign to win the presidency the second time around by publicly speaking out against his possible rivals. However, it appears that the president is not choosing kinder words for his fellow Republicans who are also dreaming of becoming the United States’ next president. As the Democrats’ opponent party appears to be more divided than ever, some people predict that the Republicans might lose next year’s election.

Will A Democrat Claim The Presidency In 2020? It Is Way Too Early To Tell

A lot of names have surfaced on the possible Democrat opponent of President Trump in the 2020 polls. Of course, the chosen Democrat candidate in the elections must first prove himself or herself to the party as the best person to lead the country towards real progress and bring the broken pieces back together after all the political and social turmoil that occurred.

If there is one single name that many people are hoping to challenge Trump face-to-face in the presidential elections, it is none other than Bernie Sanders. The guy may have the charisma to gain popular votes, perhaps better than what the previous Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton had in 2016, but his biggest weapon is his knowledge on how to fix the seemingly unfixable issues that popped up during the Trump Administration. This is just a proof of how important a politician’s brain is to do the right thing for the country.

Another possible reason for the Democrats to win against the Republicans in the 2020 presidential elections is the fact that the Republicans themselves are going against each other too much. While the presidential aspirants are expected to do everything that they can to be chosen as the party’s candidate, the Republicans have shown how much they actually disdain each other and are at the different sides of the pole when it comes to their opinions on the pressing political and social issues. This reminds me of my favorite deer attractant who is very efficient and does what it is intended to do.