Worst Cyber Attacks in Government in 2019

The first half of 2019 had already made a history. In this case, it is 6 months worth of supply chain manipulation, data breaches, harbingers of cyber war as well as state-backed hacking campaigns. But the benchmark in 2019’s cybersecurity attack on private companies and US government is yet to face the biggest threat yet which is Ransomware.

But before we dig further to it, let us check out what previous attacks have made significant damage.

Customs & Border Protection Contractor Perceptics

Back in May of this year, surveillance contractor for the customs and Border Protection in US has suffered breach in data. Hackers were able to steal license plates and photos of travelers affecting over a hundred thousand of people. The contractor is based in Tennessee, which has been affiliated to CBP or otherwise known as Perceptics in which had lost detailed info regarding its surveillance hardware.

The breach was reported initially by The Register. Later on, the officials from CBP disclosed it to The Washington Post.

Attacks on Supply Chain

One legit software developer and vendor has pushed out what seems to be a trustworthy software update among its users. But in reality, it is a destructive tool of cyberwar. That’s the mind behind supply chain attack.

A know example of this took place as well on NotPetya attack in 2017. This is when the Russian hackers had spread damaging malware by compromising update mechanism for Ukrainian accounting app.

This kind of malicious hack has been a signature of the year 2019.


This attack is not strange. Various criminal groups keep targeting health care providers, businesses and most of all, local governments with brash hacks. This is basically where malware is programmed to encrypt the data of the system and then, demanding a ransom to have it decrypted. In the process, the hackers were able to swindle victims with billions of dollars.

If you are a company and is in one of the said industry or perhaps, doing business with the government, then it is vital to consider IT detachering. Doing this may just save your business from IT security breach and loss of profits at the same time.