Electrical Contractors Company Licensing Requirement

In every state, political authorities mandate electrical contractor companies to obtain a license prior in rendering their services. This license will serve as the companies permit to hire licensed electricians even electricians thanet. With their license to operate, the electrical contractor companies may even bid projects and apply permits needed for such projects.

Moreover, the licenses of the electrical contractors may be given to individual electricians or to the whole business establishment. However, this may depend on the policy and requirement per state. Somehow, this is an impact of political trends on small businesses. But, in the event that only individuals are given the license, the establishment should make sure that the said employee are maintaining the needed license for practice.

How to Get a License

A prerequisite for licensing of electrical contractor companies is the designation of an electrician that would be responsible for all of the company’s electrical activities. Moreover, the electrician’s qualification would be a master electrician or a senior electrician.

License Application Requirements

The requirements in applying for a license depend on the state. However, below are some of the common requirements submitted by electrical contractors:

  • Application fee
  • Workers’ salary information and insurance details
  • Certificate of authority, in case of foreign entity
  • Licensed electrician profile
  • List of company officers and other employees

Further, electrical contractors handling projects in various states must have to get an individual license per state of their project. The good thing is there are some states that accept the license given from other states. However, this scenario is least likely to happen.

Renewal of License

The renewal for the electrical contractor licenses is scheduled annually. Inactivation of license may be experienced once the license is not renewed at the specified due date. However, it may be deactivated once renewal is filed.

An inactive license may indicate that an electrical contractors establishment is not capable of pulling permits and doing projects to other states. Moreover, an inactive license for certain period of time are subject for revocation by the state. In this case, electrical contractors that are operating under a revoked license may be penalized.


Imposition of penalties are given to those establishments that do not comply to the requirements of the states or local policies. However, it still vary on state and impact of violations. Typically, it cost around thousand dollars per violation.

In Texas, the penalties given to electrical contractors that operate without a license or with inactive or revoke license is about $5,000 per day.