The US President receives prank call while on plane

The US President was duped by a comedian into accepting a prank call while on board Air Force One.

An American comic posed as a US senator. He says that he received a call back from the US president and spoke to the president son-in-law. The comedian said he claimed to become a helper and a US senator.

“Sometimes the President’s channels are open too broadly and errors like this occur,” a White House official told the press.

As soon as inquiries were made by the White House about the conversation the US President thought he needed with him on Thursday with the US senator’s office, ” the senator’s employees were befuddled, US media report.

The prank caller stated that his strategy might have easily gone wrong.

“They all needed to inquire is exactly what party affiliation is your US senator, or what condition is he a senator of, also I would not have known. Nevertheless, they did not inquire any of this,” the comedian told the press.

Expect the unexpected

The prank call (one of his received prank calls before) to the president made people laugh, and revealed the nature of this President’s White House. The president and his staffs were on Air Force One the night he took the telephone.

The simple fact that the comedian host managed to circumvent the aides of the president makes sense, since they frequently don’t know who he is planning to speak to. This president will find somebody projecting his aides.

In addition, it exposes him to embarrassment and danger, although his times lively his erratic nature makes. He appears to conducts the White House like a reality series. Occasions come together, sometimes they do not.

Speaking to a prankster was one which didn’t turn out. But people will forget he’ll do something unexpected, and they will be speaking about that.