French Fashion : What Makes French Women Look Like Fashion Icons

There are a lot of ways to describe how French women dress: unique, effortless, chic or classy, but never flashy, trendy or colourful.

In an interview with Vogue, top French model Lou Doillon describes French style of dressing as one that has a certain air of arrogance, That is mainly because Parisian women generally wear clothes that make them feel and look good, regardless of what fashion magazines are dictating as the trendiest clothes to wear. Ms. Doillon explained that French females have tremendous respect for themselves that it shows by wearing only clothes that they want to wear and in the way they want to wear their clothes.

If you are looking to find out what makes French women’s style of dressing up look iconic, take note that Parisian girls generally prefer toned-down colors, usually the neutrals like black, white, tan, brown or gray. Nonetheless, women in Paris add color to their getup by using either a printed scarf, or a colored bag, a belt in contrasting color or a bold necklace.

Although they may be inclined to wear form-fitting workout clothes outside of the gym, French girls pair them with sneakers, preferably Adidas, Converse or Puma brands but never in flashy colours. Moreover, Parisian style does not mix high heels with leggings or yoga workout clothes, since that will contradict the purpose of wearing activewear.

If you do not want to stand out on the streets of Paris as a non-Parisian female, but you want to wear your yoga pants in exploring the city, your choices of footwear aside from sneakers are loafers, ankle boots, or doll shoes. Also, if you are planning to wear a pair of yoga pants or leggings, keep in mind that French women do so because they ordinarily dress up in layers. That way they can adjust to any kind of weather, making it important to pair leggings or yoga pants with a button up shirts or a stylish blouse, instead of a tank top or a haltered tee. .

Why Parisian Style of Dressing Up is Described as Effortless

Curious to know why the Parisian style of dressing up is described as effortless? It is not because French women do not plan on what to wear or do not spend time to coiff their hair or try out accessories first before deciding on one.

What makes effortless classy in Parisian style dressing is that French women rarely admit they spent a great deal of time to get ready. Effortless looks can be achieved by not talking about the hair-styling tool used, the brand of lipstick worn, where you bought your clothes. The point is, give the impression that everything about you is natural.

Still, just because French women prefer neutral colors or avoid keeping up with fashion trends you are expected to do the same. The main guiding principle about French style of dressing up is to choose outfits that become you, especially if you are on the plus-size side. That way, you can wear them with confidence regardless of the extra bulk you are carrying. If you are thinking of yoga pants or leggings, they now come in plus sizes that allow better fit and movement, which you purchase online at