Politics & Football: Kroy Biermann Net Worth

Surely you hear the word politics several times a week. For example in a television interview with a politician or in a contribution about a particular country.

However, it is often difficult for you to explain what politics is all about. This becomes more understandable if you look at a definition of politics.

Politics is that human action that creates universal rules.

So in politics, you are mainly concerned with the rules of living together in society.

Politics is human action: Kroy Biermann net worth

Kroy Biermann net worth

People make the rules about politics. This is important in order to understand that rules in your society do not just “fall out of the sky”. This is in contrast, for example, to religious rules in which believers assume that they have been established by a higher power, for example, a goddess or a god. People make political rules. Therefore, they can change or abolish the rules. This means that you too can contribute to changing the rules.

The rules of politics are universal. Perhaps you have heard the saying “Everyone is equal before the law”. Rules are made by people for a specific group of people. These rules then apply equally to all people who belong to this group. Accordingly, everyone should stick to the rules.

Rules are an indispensable part of your life. People formulate rules. In the broadest sense, politics is precisely this setting up or inventing rules.

Why are rules created in sports? Kroy Biermann net worth

People can set up or change rules. Rules become necessary when an individual or group of people feels that social interaction in a specific area of ​​life is easier when fixed rules apply to everyone.

You can show this, for example, with the history of the origins of football and other similar sports such as rugby or American football.

Rules in sport: Kroy Biermann net worth

Sport is an area of ​​life that sports analysts heavily regulate, so it has many rules. Just imagine what it would be like if, for example, football didn’t know any rules. You can see kroy biermann net worth because of football.

It would not be stipulated that two teams compete against each other, that there are goals or that only the foot and the head can be played.

You probably cannot play football at all without the rules, as nobody would even know what to do. Only the rules provide information about how to play the game at all!

The rules in football didn’t just come about. Indeed, there have been several sets of rules throughout the history of football.