PETA Declares that Sport Hunting Is an Act of Cruelty

Animals are not owned by humans to examine, take as meal, use as cloth, source of entertainment, or harm by all means.

Looking back to history of the primeval times, hunting is an essential factor of survival among human. However, as civilization arise, hunting, during these days is one form of violence of leisure activities. In fact, hunting is one of the factors that lead to animal species extinction around the globe.

An Act of Animal Cruelty

PETA comes up with two major reasons why this kind of sport is not compassionate to animals.

Prolonged suffering and pain of animals

Typically, hunters tend to injure the animals. They not totally kill them. However, by doing this, animals may have to experience painful killing process. Moreover, the migration and hibernation patterns of wildlife animals that are interesting to capture using trail cameras have been interrupted through hunting. However, if you want to take photos of the wilderness anyway, you may try to search first for the trail camera reviews prior to buying.

Going back, hunting also wreck wild animal families. In the case of the wolves, who use to live in an impenetrable family group, sport hunting can destroy the whole communities. These illegal act of human causes stress to animals. Most of them suffer fear and trauma from the loud noises and clamor made by hunters. Aside from that, their eating habits is put into jeopardy.

Private land hunting

Some wildlife places are covered by private organizations. And most of the sport hunting process are done in there. The sad news is laws regarding the wilderness do not apply to these areas. It is a norm that animals on private lands are use for sport hunting and game ranches. Usually, the policy exists in this area circulates in paying to kill native or exotic animals. In this kind of activity, animals are subjected for hunting and killing so that hunters can have a trophy.

Private land hunting or commonly known as canned hunting is a big business today. There are lots of ranch owners that open-up for this kind of commerce. Unfortunately, their main policy is a “no-kill, no-paypolicy. So, owners would make see to it that players would achieve their goal. And sad to say, even if there are some states that limit or ban canned hunting, still no federal laws exist to regulate the said practice as of the moment which should be the role of a federal government in society.