Journalists as designated Watchdogs

The Field of journalism is a highly debatable field, where a lot of issues and considerations are wanted and needed. Journalism as a high devotion for public service undergoes a lot of depreciation especially for the part of journalists.

How The Job Goes

Though the job may look as simple as interviews, cameras, and articles- there are certainly a lot more things happening to get that news in front of you on a Monday morning with your coffee and bagels. Journalists are by nature the 24/7 CCTV footage all around the world, from not so important juices to ones that can change the world. As coined “watchdogs” they are people literally living as a telescope. They make better use of the advantages of refractor telescope.
Politically, journalism has been experiencing quite the injustice especially journalists that risks lives just to cover and bring to the world news details. War news is intimately one that is fond with this so-called journalism injustice, where journalists are reported kidnap victims, or much more, killed by these anti-government groups since evidently journalists expose what the whole world cannot see.

Journalist documenting events at the Independence square. Clashes in Ukraine, Kyiv. Events of February 18, 2014.

With a deeper understanding of how journalists are the world’s watchdogs, more appreciation for these individuals can be founded. Not all professionals can offer lives and so much more just to get their job done, and in the field of journalism, this task is surely something that these watchdogs cannot easily say no to. Although fairly enough, not every journalist lives for the noble profession that it is to be, but as most of them do, it is very timely to raise these ideas, where living in this generation means piles of heavy, unwanted, and gore news. Where daily news are reflections of how the world is becoming a more unsafe and risky place, and by raising those said news- awareness and preventions can be made by everyone and anyone.