Political Movies You Will Want To Watch

Political-focused films have many forms. These films may have a significant affirmation on a subject or a time in history, or just laugh at the whole system in mocking plot. The genre truly has accomplished a few of the most fascinating and amusing films in recent years.

Let’s take a look at political films the entertainment industry has ever created in recent years. If you want to see more, you can watch any of these political movies online. Watch Full online movies free!

Milk in 2008

Sean Penn won a win for Oscar for his performance as Harvey Milk, the first homosexual California politician selected by public offices. The film speaks of Milk’s fight as a homosexual activist in San Francisco in the 1970’s and ended with his extraordinary killing. Like almost everything he has, Penn gives a good show.

Election 1999

Huge political films do not always have to be adults. Alexander Payne’s view of an election in high school and the consequences that take place when a teacher played by Matthew Broderick was sick of someone who is an overachiever played by Reese Witherspoon who is running for a student president. It’s just as fun as kids doing adult politics too.

Nixon in 1995

Anthony Hopkins plays Richard Nixon in Oliver Stone’s epic appearance for the 37th President was successful, but like any good actor, when he was right, the movie flourished. But Stone also looks at the epic Nixon when at one point he was sent to the Oval Office, which destroyed his legacy, and another told the protests from Vietnam at the Lincoln Memorial and actively trying to understand what their struggle.

The Distinguished Gentleman in 1992

Eddie Murphy’s character – a Florida con artist who becomes aware that he is missing out on the biggest scam of all time, that is becoming a politician. Successfully gaining a seat in the Congress mainly because he carries the same name with a Congressman within the district who died suddenly prior to the election, he literally turned DC crazy. This is among Eddie Murphy’s last superb comedies while he is at the height of his fame in Hollywood.