Why Are There Fewer Women In Politics

The average women have set goals. They go through enormous hard work to achieve a goal. They tend to be body conscious visiting body contour specialists to help them achieve it. Hardik Soni does the best CoolSculpting work in New Jersey. But not all women are destined to be just a figure in the household. Some women are made to lead and serve.

Women Made for Politics

When it comes to politics and gender equality, there is a common question that pops out from many of our generations today. Why are there fewer women getting involved in politics? In my research, I came across Katie Couric’s video featuring powerful women talking about this same topic.

Why are there fewer women in Politics?

Women are socialized not to self-recruit. They often wait to be asked. Women wait until everything is perfect especially moms. They have to figure out every single aspect of their lives until they decide to run. Sadly, women think they are not qualified for a position or a seat in politics.

These days, people are more open-minded. There are more women in the workplace. 53% of the workforce is women right now. People are not getting accustomed to having a female employer. But just as it is improving, it is all so a little bit different. Social media has changed the game of how politics work for women.

Professionals who have studied women entering politics say that men decided on their own to run for office whereas women say they even didn’t even consider the idea until someone else suggested it to them. Therefore, for women who have all the qualifications to become part of the government will have to be encouraged. As more women are being encouraged to enter positions in the government, we can see more women taking a position in the near future.

Taking The Path Towards Politics

Not all women who are already in position in the government, serving as a congresswoman, a legislator, or perhaps a mayor had never had initial plans to be where they are now. Most of these women who are now active in a position serving the government were usually affiliated with affiliated working as an assistant to a legislator or a community worker either by profession or by volunteering.

Women who tend to take a position in the government were honed in their workplace, thus having a background and experience of actually leading a team of people or run a company. They tend to have a better team spirit and a that charismatic aura that drives people to like them in the same sense.