The French Political System

Despite the fact that Greeks may have a claim that democracy has originated from Athens, the French may just stand an argument that contemporary democracy has emanated from French Revolution from 1789 – although, the course of democracy in the country has taken a hard turn since then. Indeed, compared to the political system implemented by US government as well as British government which have existed in current form of centuries, French political system evolved.

The First Five

To be exact, there are 5 major constitutional models that it followed and these are:

  1. First Republic – 1792 to 1804
  2. Second Republic –1848 to 1852
  3. Third Republic – 1870 to 1940
  4. Fourth Republic – 1946 to 1958
  5. Fifth Republic – 1958 to present

Thus, the current French political system is quite new which dated back from 1958 and the 5th Republic of today which has centralizes significant power in President in response to political weaknesses of pre-Second World War.

As a matter of fact, the Fifth Republic came only when the political crisis of France over its colonial war in Algeria has concluded.

Now, the current constitution could be changed only with the support of 3/5 or 60 percent of the Congress in which the body is formed when both houses of the parliament, the Senate and National Assembly meet at Palace of Versailes to place their votes on the proposed revisions of constitution.

Brewing for Change

Throughout the presidential election of 2007, the proposed manifesto of Nicolas Sarkozy changed to modernized the Fifth Republic. A committee of reflection and proposal on modernization and rebalancing of institutions presided by Édouard Balladur.

It stirs controversy and the final approval secured by just one vote more than the needed 3/5 votes casted. Jack Lang has broken the chain by voting on a different path. Bernard Accoyer which is the President of National Assembly has voted for them too defying the tradition whereby the President of Assembly abstained from voting. Without having these missing two votes, it will not be possible to push through in passing the bill to change the institution of Fifth Republic.

Only if…

Well perhaps, if some tech guy thought others how to hack email and spread a message of such monumental event, the public may be seen participating in this change and the course of history may have taken a different path.