Why Politicians Think They are Smarter Than Most of Us?



I’ve recently had the chance to attend different briefings provided by essential Michigan legislators and the Senate. Even though the subjects being discussed in which distinct, the mentality behind the legislators was dangerously similar.

The overriding attitude of the political group, irrespective of party affiliation, is that they are intelligent enough to program or facilitate the potential to Michigan residents on crucial topics which range from energy to healthcare. This attitude appears to have progressively worse the more elected officials are in office. Maybe this is a significant reason many Republican politicians remain to support term limits regardless of the continuous ranting from politicians such limitations ruin their capacity to generate government function.


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While the goals of most of the politicians of today could be more commendable, the results of their activities are filled with broken promises and unintentional effects. When faced with unsuccessful results, politicians often appear oblivious to their efforts to control results — and only trust us will get it next time appears to be their frequent reaction.

The true remedy for this particular problem is abstinence. Politicians should first understand that they aren’t smart enough to strategy everybody’s future. Step one in the path to recovery will be to embrace the main of “do no further harm.” Whether the matter is spending taxpayer money on insecure choice energy jobs or dictating the sort of healthcare Americans need to possess, additional intervention to the functioning of free markets will merely inflict more harm to the market and continual reduction of personal liberty.

When voters select candidates, they ought to search for people who don’t believe they’re more intelligent than the rest of us, even if they get the chance to be tested using free IQ tests with instant results.